Sell Your Car in San Antonio the Smart Way

Sell Your Car in San Antonio the Smart Way

The heroism shown by the 183 besieged and massacred defenders of the Alamo aroused fighting spirit of Texans, leading to their famous battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” But you shouldn’t have to be brave to sell a car in San Antonio.

But if you are placing a classified ad, either on the internet or in the paper, you’ll need to be braver than an Alamo defender! These methods invite strangers to your door, odd people who may or may not be interested in more than your car. Are you going to risk your family or business, or even your own life by inviting a stranger to meet you somewhere? You could just call us: IQ because we really want to buy your car. And we’ll give you more money than the trading to a car dealer.

And we don’t have any hidden costs like classified ad fees, storage costs, or prep premiums. Selling your car “as is” to us gives you the advantages too: you can take our professionally prepared honest appraisal and compare it to the other guys. With our NO OBLIGATION quote in the San Antonio area, you can walk away with payment-in-hand because selling your car in San Antonio is faster, and you’ll get more money from

We aren’t trying to “sell” you! We’re here to buy your car or truck (or boat, jet ski, ATV, or RV) for the best price we can give you. Selling your car in San Antonio shouldn’t be a hassle with strangers calling your home or business or having to meet odd people; it should be about exchanging what you have of value, your car, and selling it at a fair market value because we have San Antonio families that need your vehicle.

Be smart about selling your car. Use the hassle-free IQ Autobuyers! Call us to sell a car in San Antonio. today!

We also offer car buying services in the San Antonio area. Give us a call to sell your car in San Antonio with IQ Autobuyers today.


I got a better price than I would have gotten from a dealership. And since IQ just buys cars, it was a simple, smooth transaction.