Sell Your Jet Ski in Houston

Sell Your Jet Ski in Houston

If you’ve got an old jet ski in your garage taking up too much space and you know there’s really no reason to have it anymore, the best solution is to sell it to IQ Autobuyers. If you are ready to sell your jet ski and you live in the Houston area, IQ Autobuyers will pay you quick on the spot.

At IQ, we offer a simple, no-nonsense quote after taking a look at you jet ski. We will buy most models and types of watercrafts, including oler models of jet skis. If you would like to bypass the emails and phone calls you would get from an online classified or if you’re not ok with paying to put an ad up in the paper, selling your jet ski to us is the perfect solution. Sell you Jet Ski in Houston to us and you won’t have your phone number in the paper or a clogged up email inbox, not to mention you won’t have anyone checking out your lakehouse or neighborhood, because you’ll be bringing your jet ski to us. You also won’t have to haul the Jet Ski to the lake for potential buyer to test drive.

We will take most used Jet Skis and pay you on the spot, and give you a handwritten quote if you’d like to compare it to other buyers.

If you want us to take a look at your used Jet Ski, give us a call at 713-691-3900.


I got a better price than I would have gotten from a dealership. And since IQ just buys cars, it was a simple, smooth transaction.